Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Almost Home Away From Home

There's always another view of any band experience, although I can ditto most of what John said about our DC escapade. Not only do I look forward to playing with my favorite dance musicians, I get to pick up so many new jokes from Ted. I love seeing friends we've made from previous tours and it starts to feel like we're at home in our DC home. I wouldn't mind if Ted's couch was about a foot longer so I could stretch out for sleeping, but better me than my taller companions! Actually I sleep amazingly well out there. Maybe it's from exhaustion - or the Dramamine I used pre-emptively to counter all those curves and hills on the way to Shepherdstown, not to mention the "back ways" to Glen Echo.

The cherry blossoms totally cooperated and stayed on the trees while we were there, in spite of rain. What a thrill! And I love getting to visit my old friend, Deb Anderson in Kensington. We talked weddings since she just got married a couple years ago and I just got engaged a couple weeks ago. Deb and I are both the same age (which I won't reveal, but Al and I call ourselves Geezers in Love, so that's a hint). Check out Al's vocal group Five By Design at www.fivebydesign.com. Deb's husband Richard made the best peach pancakes!

I never tire of seeing the dancers cruising around the floor. The waltz afternoon is a particularly mesmerizing experience and I find ways of playing a tune that are inspired by watching them. Thank you to all the great dancers we experienced.

And if 284 people dancing in one area (Spanish Ballroom at Glen Echo) isn't enough, try having a dance just a few feet away at the same time for some jiving swing dancers on Friday in the Bumper Car Pavillion and Cajun on Sunday night. The dance energy was off the scale! I've stored up some of it to help me ease back into everyday life at home - which includes getting those dang tax returns done. See you at the dance!

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