Sunday, December 09, 2012

Return to Tapestry

Next weekend we get to return to our home court at Tapestry in Minneapolis. Our last visit was way back in April when we played for the 2nd annual Call of the Loon weekend. (It's not too soon to register for the 3rd Loon weekend, April 12-14, 2013 featuring the fabulous Notorious and caller Diane Silver.)

Our dance next Saturday (Dec. 15), with our buddy David Kirchner calling, will mark the end of our longest ever absence from Tapestry land. I'm tempted to joke about imaginary reasons for this (fill in your favorite conspiracy theory here) but the truth is that this is just the way that the calendar worked out. In any event you can bet that Patrice, Pat, Erik and I will all be ready to play next week. It should be a great time.

This is also a chance to remind you that Contratopia CDs make great stocking stuffers. You may have all three of our CDs but there may be family and friends who don't. Also, this year is the first holiday season that the Erik Sessions/John Goodin Notes from the Farm CD is available. While we're at it I should also mention the John Goodin Mandolin Tunes CD as well. I'm linking to physical CDs available from CD Baby here but all of these CDs are also available as mp3 downloads from iTunes and the other usual suspects.

Hope to see a bunch of you next weekend. We will try and remember to bring some CDs to the dance too.