Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Tapestry, Dec. 1, this weekend

Well, this has been a pretty sleepy blog this past year. Just a quick note to let readers know that Contratopia, in a special trio form, will be playing this Saturday at the Tapestry Folkdance Center in Minneapolis. Pat, Patrice and the great Tim Reese will provide a fresh look at familiar Contratopia tunes and, I suspect, they will also play a few of Pat O'Loughlin's recent compositions as well.

Erik Sessions and I will remain here in Decorah this weekend for various reasons, chief among them the threat of bad weather.

Looking forward, however, we just received confirmation today that we will be playing at Glen Echo Park next March 15 & 17 for contra dances both nights and the afternoon Waltztime dance as well. We will also be playing in Annapolis, MD on Saturday March 16.

In addition, we will be playing for the 2019 Wintergreen Dance Weekend in Bozeman, Montana, January 25-27. Ted Hodapp will be joining us as chief caller for the weekend and we will also get to enjoy the music of Sassafras Stomp while we are there. There are still a few openings left, so sign up soon if you are interested.

Finally, Contratopia Classic (Patrice, Pat, Erik, John) will be playing for the regular Saturday night dance at Tapestry on Feb. 23, 2019.

Hope to see some friendly faces at these upcoming dances!