Monday, July 26, 2010

Huffington Post / Maria Rodale

While not exactly full Contratopia news I figure that friends of the band might find this interesting:

For the last several years Erik and I have been the nucleus of the band that plays for the barn dance on the Saturday night of the annual Seed Saver's summer gathering just outside of Decorah. Seed Saver's Exchange is a great organization doing vital work and their conference attracts people from all over the country. (I think that all friends of Contratopia should at least consider joining SSE, check them out and see what you think.)

This year's keynote speech was shared between Diane Ott Whealey and Maria Rodale. As you can read on her blog, Maria Rodale is CEO and Chairman of Rodale Inc., "the largest independent publisher left in America."

Her blog is also featured on the Huffington Post and today's Huffington Post features a story from Ms. Rodale's blog about her visit to the conference. In her blogpost you can read all about how much fun she, her husband and youngest child had at the barn dance and you can see a nice picture of me and Erik, along with our friends Bill Deutsch (caller and banjo man) and Rob Hervey (bass). The first paragraph appears at Huffington and the rest of the story (and picture) are at her own blogsite.

I promise that Erik and I won't let our international notoriety go to our heads. Contratopia is busy arranging its fall/winter/spring schedule as I write. I hope to have news to share about dates and places soon.