Thursday, February 24, 2011

Northfield Winter Stomp! - Video proof

We had another great time in Northfield last Friday night and here are two short videos to give you a sense of what it was like. (Sorry about the loud drum rolls. They are out of our control.) A Big Thank You to Corey Butler Jr. for filming & editing and to Suzie Nakasian for sharing them with us.

The first video features a couple of scary closeups of Pat and myself, but they only last for a few seconds. After that the focus is (rightly) on how much fun the dancers are having. Musically you can hear us playing snatches of our version of "Liza Jane" and a bit of our take on Daniel Steinberg's (Hillbillies From Mars) great tune "Rockabye Baby."

The second video spares you the closeups. Musically, if you put your ear up to your speakers, you can just make out the band playing two more recent tunes of mine: "Why Not Here, Why Not Now" and "Share the Road."

It's great to have these video memories. We hope they can give you a sense of the high energy, multi-generational Stomp! experience. Next stop, the Call of the Loon weekend in April. Hope to see you there.