Monday, December 09, 2019

2020 Preview

On January 1, 2020 Contratopia will enter our 4th decade as a band. We started in the late 90's, played through the 1st decade of the 21st century, played through the teens and, now the clock resets. This was not our plan. We have gone from year to year happily playing mostly original dance tunes without care, beyond the next few gigs.

While we have occasionally benefited from the talents of a handful of superb substitute musicians, the vast majority of time the Original Four, Pat, Erik, Patrice and John have shared the bandstand together. It's always a great time when we meet up somewhere and continue our musical friendship.

We closed out the current decade playing at Tapestry on Nov. 16 and we have a few dances lined up for 2020. I'll get around to updating the calendar on our website soon but, until then, here's what we know:

Jan. 25 will be out first dance of the year, held at Tapestry in Minneapolis

Feb. 28 we will play the Friday Night Dance at Glen Echo (see photo above)

Feb. 29 (it's a Leap Year!) we will play an intimate concert/dance at a lovely home in, I believe, Silver Spring, MD. (More details will emerge.)

March 1 we once again get to play at Glen Echo for the Sunday Afternoon Waltz Time dance.

March 21 will be our homecoming dance at Tapestry.

We'll keep you posted as more events are scheduled and hope that you will find the time to visit with us sometime in the coming year.

Thanks for keeping us going!