Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Change of Plans

There's some good news/bad news regarding our 2008 calendar. First, the Bad. It turns out that we won't be playing at Tapestry in April after all. Our apologies if you've planned your vacation around this dance and already booked your flight. These things happen.

The Good News is that we will be playing a Mostly Waltz dance at Tapestry sometime during the afternoon on March 15. This will be followed by the already scheduled contra that evening. I know that's the Ides of March but I've already consulted with the experts and the omens are good.

Hope you are enjoying your holidays.

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Ray Major said...


Do people really plan vacations to fly to Minnesota for a square dance? Has your group become that well known? I am delighted.

If however, you just say such things to trifle with gullible rustics who might believe anything, then, I am wounded.

We will be swinging some of your tunes at the Blue River Cafe on March 1st and on the Ides of March. If folks in Crawford County cancel their trips to Minnesota, they might come hear some of your stuff in Milltown,Indiana. Although the place is a restaurant, there is room to dance between the tables. One night last fall, a couple waltzed to Smitten to the delight of the diners and the musicians. Thanks for providing us with great tunes to play.

Ray Major