Sunday, November 12, 2006

Fries with that Fiddle Tune?

Erik and I had a unique opportunity to play some tunes in preparation for next weekend's tour this morning at a local fast food establishment. As part of a weekend of events celebrating 20 years of fries, hot apple pies, chicken nuggets, even yogurt and salads in our little town, we were hired to play jigs, reels, waltzes and hornpipes from 11:00 until noon for the folks who stopped in for their coffee or burgers, etc.

We, of course, realize that many people who enjoy contra and couples dancing to Contratopia's music rarely consume fast food. (Erik fits that bill. I, on the other hand, eat way too much of the stuff.) Nonetheless we could hardly resist the chance to play acoustic instrumental music in such an unlikely venue. We only wish that Pat and Patrice could have joined us!

Biggest surprise? The acoustics were excellent! I expected that it would be really noisy but the managers turned all the TVs and video games off and we could hear each other great. The sound was actually much better than many coffee houses and bars that feature music. Smoke-free, no alcohol too! Whoda thunk it?

(Thanks to Jim Skurdall for the photo and for joining us on guitar for the gig's only vocal, "Little Georgia Rose.")


Ted said...

Now John will be insisting that every gig have stop at the local McDonalds becuase of the excellent "acoustics."

The next question is when will John write a tune with the title, "Do you want fries with that?"

nikki said...

Love it!

And there are plenty of McD's in Sweden, y'know... !


Anonymous said...

Perhaps if McDonalds started putting dance floors into their establishments they'd curtail the bad press from how fattening their food is? John... you could be contributing to a healthy America.
Just a thought,
Bob P